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Furniture with soul. Antiques from India, Tibet and Nepal as well as fine rugs.

We have several basic tenets that we abide by within C.G. Sparks


We approach designing our product with three equally important factors in mind; beauty, utility, and longevity. These points are critical to us, as this is a step toward a sustainable business.

* As furniture is always seen first, it must visually spark something in the imagination or soul.
* A product has to fulfill a purpose. It has to be able to function within a space.
* The product has to last. Not only utility, but in beauty too, a product has to have a reason to be passed along instead of thrown away. Product that is created from real wood, incorporates timeless design, and has simple inner beauty, will be passed along to friends, relatives or even sold in a garage sale, whatever the case; the life cycle is greatly extended by these simple principles.


We have worked with our vendors for a number of years. As we understand that we are in a symbiotic relationship we follow these standards:

* We pay fair prices: We understand that we are dealing with worldwide issues, such as currency fluctuations, material demand, material price changes, and other issues beyond anyone’s control. We understand that there will be price fluctuations, and that is something that both our companies need to be in tune with. However, we don’t simply pass them along to the consumer, we work on finding balance.
* Labor conditions: We emphasize the importance of safety and fair wages for the workers of our vendors, and we have seen great improvement in both of these areas as we have continued to work with our vendors.
* Development: Just as we strive to become a better company, so do we expect our vendors to become better companies. Our vendors have come to expect they need to constantly improve product quality, efficiency, and delivery schedules.

The benefits of treating our vendors fairly and compelling them to become better companies far exceed the minor cost.


We have assembled the finest crew. We have created a corporate culture that encourages the individual to achieve. Our staff is given goals and basic guidelines, and given the freedom to achieve those goals efficiently and in the manner they see best for the overall company mission.


C.G. Sparks is committed to our community’s success. C.G. Sparks donates to various organizations that share common goals with our vision. For example, a variety of schools, community gardens, and sustainable energy projects to name a few. We often have events in our store that raise money for charity, for instance, the University of Utah International center, the M.S. Society, and the Nepal Cleft and Burn teaching hospital, to name a few.

C.G. Sparks believes in these simple values, as not just good business practices, but as people that have the opportunity to make substantive changes in our local community and the world community.