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119 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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About Antoinette

Men's & Women's Vintage Clothing, Accessories & Gifts. Specializing in the finest, personally selected vintage clothing and accessories.

Antoinette is just blocks from the new Brooklyn Flea location, nestled on a burgeoning shopping street.

The store is named after my amazing mom who outfitted the shop with all her cherished finds from over the years.

That's right, every piece of clothing came from her own personal closet. She had been saving the pieces in hopes I'd open a shop one day.

My mom worked in the fashion industry in the late 1950's for the well known NYC based French milliner Lilly Dache & collected so many great finds from the chicest stores while working in the city in those days.

She also held onto certain pieces all the way up until the 90's. My mom always encouraged me to open a vintage shop. After all, the dream stash of vintage pieces she kept over the years would make any daughter giddy.

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