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Retro Resale San Diego offers affordable vintage, mid century and gently used furniture, collectibles, home decor and other items available for sale in San Diego.

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Ebay is offering 15% off everything today only with the code PRONTO15. If you haven't shopped Ebay before, give it a try!
August 8, 2018
 For Sale
Did you know that most plush toys can be washed in the washing machine? All of the cats basking in the sun here were washed inside mesh bags in a front loading washer. The Kliban cats were especially yucky but now they are clean and fresh! Winnie the Pooh and his friends got a hand washing. All items shown here will be in the Ebay store this week!
August 6, 2018
 For Sale
At Retro Resale, we certainly prefer the before photos.
August 3, 2018
 For Sale
I was cleaning up my Pinterest boards lately, purging sold items, when I came across this photo of one of the most kitschy items I have ever picked - a vintage cardboard light up fireplace! What are some kitschy items in your collection? Show me pics!
July 18, 2018
 For Sale
One of the best ways to save the planet is buying used goods. Less gas, less raw materials, less pollution from manufacturing, less items in the landfill. #buyusedsavetheplanet
July 7, 2018
 For Sale
Talk about a crossover! Star Trek and MCU collide!
July 5, 2018
 For Sale
Hello there! It's been a long time since I have posted anything. We've gone through a change up in our business plan. While we still love all things vintage, especially from the mid century, we also find a lot of interesting contemporary items on our picking ventures. We no longer have a physical retail space, so everything we have to offer is in our Ebay store. We ship most items world wide! So going forward, you can expect to see a variety of posts, mostly focusing on behind the scenes of what it takes to do the resale gig full time, showing our process, where we source, and other random things that we think might interest you. Today for your viewing pleasure, we have a huge papier mache tiger's face! Hand painted and 3D. Available now on Ebay! Click the "shop now" button above.
June 13, 2018

Vintage and Mid-Century Home Furnishings

At Retro Resale, we have a passion for things from the past. We love to find great items from a bygone era and bring them into the here and now.

Whether it is a great mid century piece of furniture or a kitschy home decor item, you are sure to find just the right thing for your home!

We are scouring the county every week, searching for interesting and unusual items, primarily vintage and mid century furniture and home decor. Buying resale helps the environment and preserves American history!

Check out our vintage flea market on the second Sunday of each month from 9-12. Our 1000 sf warehouse is open and we have vendors in the parking lot with their trunks chock full of vintage goodies!