Meow Vintage

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2210 E. 4th Street
Long Beach, CA 90814
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About Meow Vintage

MEOW is a vintage shopper's paradise. Our 1800 square foot store is filled with mint condition vintage wear. We specialize in "dead stock" original apparel and accessories from the 1940s to the 1980s.

MEOW has become a mecca for retro enthusiasts from every corner of the globe, as well as a standard source for film and television costumers, fashion stylists and designers.

Decorated like a vintage department store, on exhibit are period mannequins, colorful ad displays and glowing neon signs. All rescued and preserved from retail's past.

But there's more to MEOW than smiling faces and neon signs. The variety and quality of our merchandise is what makes us truly unique. You'll find racks, shelves and display cases full of this merchandise.

Men's, women's and children's vintage clothing are all carefully hand picked from locations both near and far away.

We're confident that MEOW will easily become one of your favorites!

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