The Showroom Finder Shopping Guide

How to Shop at Consignment Stores

Consignment stores, also known as resale stores, are a popular destination for smart shoppers who want style on a budget. It’s not uncommon to find virtually new, brand name merchandise up to 80% off retail price. Consignment stores are also great places to find unique merchandise not available at the mass retail stores. Consignment stores do not own the merchandise they sell. The merchandise is owned by a consignor who has made an agreement with the store owner to split the proceeds of a sale. Consignment stores offer high-quality contemporary, designer and sometimes vintage clothing, shoes and accessories. Since the shop usually shares the proceeds of a sale with the original owner, prices tend to be higher than vintage and thrift stores. A good bargain at a consignment store doesn’t last long. When you see something you like at the right price, you need to act quick. Chance are that piece will be gone tomorrow, even later that day. Keep these suggestions in mind to get the most from your consignment shopping: - Shop regularly to see the latest arrivals. Many consignment stores on Showroom Finder feature virtual showrooms. You can browse the latest arrivals with just one click. - Let your local consignment store know what you're most interested in and all of your measurements. Many will call you when your preferences come in, or at least consider consigning things they know there is demand for. - Carefully examines the item(s) you're considering buying. Consignment stores sell "as is" so you want to know about any damages or wear, including stains, tears, dents, and faulty operation (sticky drawers or zippers that are tough to zip), before you buy. - If the damage or wear is something you can live with, ask for a discount of 20-30%. Chances are the consignment store will accept your offer. - Walk the entire store. Many consignment stores are randomly organized, so that perfect item may be hidden in the back. - Sign up with the store’s mailing list. It’s a great way to stay informed about upcoming sales and new arrivals. Many stores featured on Showroom Finder feature a guest book where you can enter your name and email. - Understand the return and exchange policies of the consignment store. Some stores offer a 24-hour return policy, but most do not. Once you buy, it’s yours.