The Showroom Finder Shopping Guide

How to Make Cash Selling Consignment

Do you have furniture or clothing in good condition that you would like to sell?Want to avoid the hassles of online auctions and shipping?Learn how to consign your furniture, clothing and accessories at our members’ local consignment stores.Whether your home is full of furniture or clothing that you no longer want, or if you have just a single accessory, it’s time to convert your stuff into cash with the help of a local consignment store.

Advantages of Consignment Stores

That advantageous of consigning with a consignment store are numerous:

  • A well-established consignment store receives lots of shoppers who enjoy buying consigned goods. They are used to making quick buying decisions, so your item can sell very quickly.

  • Online auctions like eBay charge you a fee to post an item even if the item does not sell. Then if the item does sell, you are responsible for shipping the item. With most consignment stores, you only pay a commission to the store when the item sells. And the buyer, not you, is responsible for any delivery arrangements.

  • The consignment store will know fair market value for your goods. This gives you confidence in knowing you’ll receive the most for your sale.

  • Unlike classified ads, you don’t have to field phone calls or invite strangers to your home. The store will take care of customers’ questions and handle the transaction. You don’t have to worry about bounced checks or handling cash.

  • Finally, if your consignment store features a web showroom on their website or on, your item will be seen by tens of thousands of potential buyers in your area. This significantly increases your chances of a sale, as more buyers are likely to purchase locally if they know they can inspect your item firsthand.

The Importance of Good Condition

If consigning sounds right for you, then the next step is to find a local consignment store that is willing to accept your goods. Every consignment stores has their own niche, so not every store will accept your items.
For example, if you want to sell your IKEA dining table, you probably won’t be able to place it in an upscale-style consignment store. At the same time, your grandparent’s rare 19th century antique European china cabinet probably won’t sale at a mid-range consignment store.
Clothing is even more specialized, with stores focusing on different fashions and ages. One store might focus on professional women’s attire, while another stocks only the latest fashions for young women. That’s why it is important to call or, better yet, visit different consignment stores to get a feel for the kind of merchandise they sell.
Showroom Finder makes it easy to find consignment stores near you. Nearly all of our members accept items from the public, but each store sets their own consignment policy. So it’s important to understand their terms and conditions. You should know:
What is the commission split between you and the store?
How long will an item remain in the store before the store lowers the price or allows the item to be returned to you?
How is delivery handled for large items?
For sold items, how long is the wait to receive payment?
How does the store advertise?
Any other special considerations