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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any other costs beside the monthly membership fee?
No! There are no hidden fees, listing fees, commissions, or start up costs.

I only sell online. Can I list my website?
Sorry, but we do not accept listings from retailers that are “online only.” Our listings are specifically for independently-owned consignment, antique, vintage, and resale businesses that operate in “brick and mortar” locations that are open to the public.

Although my store is my main business, I also sell online via etsy, ebay, or other e-commerce sites. Can I list my website?
Yes! Some businesses have the resources to manage a e-commerce side to their “brick-and-mortar” business. As long as you maintain your retail business, we are happy to listing your retail store.

I also sell new merchandise. Is that OK?
Of course! We only ask that at least 50% of your merchandise be some combination of: consignment, antique, vintage, collectible, hand-crafted, artistic, refinished, recycled, upcycled, repurposed, used (gentle or otherwise), or a similar one-of-a-kind, here-today-gone-tomorrow category.

My shop is only open by appointment only. Is that OK?
Yes! Next to your address and phone number, we will include a message "BY APPOINTMENT ONLY."
Can customers post reviews about my shop?
Not on ShowroomFinder.com. There are plenty of other websites where customers can post their comments and reviews for local businesses. We are not one of them. Our goal is to simply feature the unique style and merchandise of your shop, and help you find new customers. It's that simple.

Can customers buy online?
If a customer likes something that you posted, then they must contact your shop to complete the sale. This helps protect you from fraud, and eliminates commission fees that erode your profit margin.

Can I remove the ads on my store listing?
One of the ways that we keep our membership fee so low is that we allow advertisers to place appropriate ads on our web pages. So for now, the answer is no, but we are exploring ad-free pages in the future.

What else do I need to know?
1. You must operate a legal business that includes a storefront that is open to the public with set hours, or by appointment only.
2. We reserve the right to cancel membership or reject applications for any reason. If this happens, we will refund your monthly membership fee.
3. The merchandise you sell is within community and family standards.
4. We reserve the right to remove any posts or listings, or edit your store description, if we believe it does not meet community standards.