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Estate Buyouts, Resale and More

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5020 Louette Road, Suite #110
Spring, Texas 77379
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Estate Buyouts, Resale and More photo 1
When folks do NOT have enough items for an Estate Sale, we bring it all to this Resale Shop. We liquidate and clean out the house for the Real Estate sale!
Sometimes there are good reasons not to have an Estate Sale in the home; such as location, lack of parking, quick home sale, subdivision / township restrictions, gated communities or not enough items to sell.

When Senior’s must liquidate their apartment in an Independent Living Community…

They still need the money, bring it all somewhere else to sell.

At an Off Site Store location, everything is For Sale! Yes, some high-end and antique furniture, art, jewelry and collections… BUT generally, ‘common stuff’ for ‘common people’, gently used items to be used again!

Furniture, Appliances (yes; refrigerators, washers / dryers), Home Décor, Books, Jewelry and more

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