3 Tips to Increase Your Facebook Reach

It’s a harsh reality about Facebook: only about 3% of customers who like your page will see any given post you add.

That means if your store Facebook page features 1,000 likes, only about 30 people will see your post in their personal timeline.

Improve Your Facebook Organic Reach

Facebook calls this “organic reach”, and it’s a known fact that Facebook intentionally limits the number of people who see a business posts. Why would Facebook do this? Two reasons:

1) To limit the risk that businesses would start spamming with too many posts. Unlike your personal connections, who may only update once or twice a day, a business could theoretically make hundreds of posts per day (image a business posting every single product in their store, and repeating that every day). Those posts would clog your timeline and would undoubtedly result in you unfollowing that business. No one wants that, so Facebook limits the organic reach of your posts. As of 2015, the exact organic reach of small business posts was 2.6%

2) The other reason is money. By limiting the people who will see your business posts, Facebook can offer a pay-to-play option and sell you more visibility to your followers. It’s called a “boost” and you’ll see the button on every post your make. It may only cost a few dollars to reach more of your followers, but those dollars can add up quickly!

So what can you do to increase your organic reach without spending money?

These are 3 tips you can use to increase your organic reach without paying for a boost.

#1: Post Timeless Content

Sure it’s fun to post something about today’s weather or about an event in your home town. But those posts will age quickly, and will likely not generate many comments or likes after a day or two.

Instead, make the majority of your posts “timeless” content, meaning that it’s fun to read today, next week, or even next month. These types of posts will likely generate engagement into the future, and the more people who engage with your content, the more their friends and followers will see your post, too.

Posts that feature special inventory arrivals are excellent examples of timeless content.
Posts that feature special inventory arrivals are excellent examples of timeless content.

#2: Review Your Insights

Facebook offers an easy-to-use analytic tool for measuring your traffic and engagement. Once you login into your business Facebook page, select the Insights tab from the top of the screen to access your Overview dashboard.

Note the performance and reach of your last 5 posts. See any posts with reaches higher than normal? Take note of that type of post and when it was posted. Now repeat those factors in future posts and monitor the reach. Over time, you should start to see a pattern of which types of posts creates high levels of engagement with your audience, and which type of posts to minimize.

Use Facebook Insights to see how many of your customers are seeing your posts.

#3: Vary Your Posts

Too many posts of the same type in a row will hurt your organic reach. In other words, too many text-only updates in a row, or too many photo posts in a row, will reach less and less people.

Vary your post content between links, photos, video clips, and text-only. Facebook audiences love videos, so if you can find clever ways to incorporate videos of your shop and inventory into your posts, you should see a higher organic reach.

According to recent studies, Facebook audiences love videos and links more than just images.
According to recent studies, Facebook audiences love videos and links more than just images.

Final Thoughts

Don’t spend money on boosting your Facebook posts until you try out these tips and monitor performance in your Insights dashboard. Experiment and test different types of posts, and different times of the day. Over time you’ll start to learn how to best engage with your audience, and, with a little effort, you should be able to improve your organic reach.

Russell Droullard

Russell Droullard is an online marketing expert with a speciality in search engine marketing for independent retailers. He has over 20 years of experience directing marketing programs for startups, consumer brands and global manufacturers. Russell can be followed on social media at @rusdroullard and +RussellDroullard.

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